A/V Design & Integration

Tower TBA provides global solutions for every step in the design, planning and construction of A/V environments.

Our multidisciplinary approach to business allows us to successfully carry out complex turnkey projects.

We are a full service company that specializes in the creation of dynamic sites that integrate the latest and most advanced display, video surveillance and environmental control systems, plasma displays and video conferencing and streaming technologies.

We offer solutions for:

  • Meeting and Executive Spaces
  • Auditoriums and Large Spaces
  • Classrooms and Training Centres
  • Advanced Control Systems
  • Asset Management
  • Meeting Spaces Reservation Services

From concept through to completion our focus is always on providing our client with the best and most innovative, top-notch AV solutions.  Of this, our projects and the opinion of our clients are undeniably our best warranty.

At Tower TBA we even go a step further and work towards maximizing competitive advantages at our clients AV environment after project completion.

Meeting and
Executive Spaces

Our company prides itself on its expertise in the design and integration of AV systems into the workplace. Because of the ever-changing conception of these spaces, at Tower TBA we put forward AV solutions that enable businesses to display information and seamlessly connect and collaborate with clients and colleagues from all around the world.

We offer both bespoke designs and standardised meeting spaces with our own range of solutions.

Auditoriums and Big Spaces

AV solutions for inside Auditoriums and Large Spaces require the use of systems that work around the sending and receiving of digital signals, large-scale display screens, LED walls, as well as streaming, data sharing and recording technologies.  At Tower TBA, we strive to provide our clients with solutions of a high degree of operational readiness and minimum mishap likelihood.

Our designs are the result of a thorough  study of the acoustics and lighting of the site by engineers. We work closely with our client every step of the way and deliver a fully equipped and intelligently controlled site tailored to their needs on time, on budget and to their satisfaction.

Classrooms and Training Centres

At Tower TBA we understand the pressure on schools, universities and training centres to keep their learning environments in line with today’s digitally native “millenial” students.

Hence, we offer interactive digital whiteboards for the sharing and display of content, wireless connection for students to interact with each other in projects, as well as other power-network attached equipment.

Tower TBA has a vast experience in providing user friendly and engaging integrated AV solutions to University Campuses and Training Centres.

Advanced Control Systems

Our advanced control systems break down complex techonological sequences in a way that enables anyone to single-handedly control and automate their house or workplace. Only one touch on the screen is needed to set in motion a  series of perfectly orchestrated events that can lead to, for example, the preparation of a video conferencing room for a presentation or the creation of a soothing atmosphere at home.

Asset Management

We offer IT and AV software solutions that allow remote management of AV and the site’s integral systems.

It’s friendly with the environment as it reduces energy consumption and extends the life span of the devices considerably. In the case of IT and AV administrators it has the power to improve SLA response times and reduce equipment downtime.

Meeting Spaces
Reservation Services

We offer planning and on-line room scheduling systems that allow you to manage and locate available meeting spaces from any PC, Mac or mobile device.

Inside the room you’ll find a touch screen that’ll provide the user with information about the site, and that comes with green and red signal lights that will light up whenever the room is or isn’t available.

These services include standard corporative apps such as Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 and Google Calendar.

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